Off Road Routes

Go here if your interested in a safe ride with the family - or if you need an adrenalin rush and pre-load.  You will be presented with a map of Southern California and (legal) riding spots open to off-roaders.  There are many great places to ride and skill levels required span from beginner to expert.  In fact, almost any (not all) of the trails can be conquered by the beginner.... at a much slower speed.


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On Road Riding

Cruiser or sport bike, you can find something interesting here that meets your riding criteria. Keep in mind, a ride is not complete without taking notice of your surroundings and you can have a look-see at what to expect before taking to the road.

Admittedly, you will detect a bias while reading through the routes suggested.  Being a Harley type of guy,  cruising at en enjoyable pace is more the style of this section BUT...  routes highlighted can also cater to sport riders.  Palomar Mountain for example, is a place where I can't remember a day when I have not been passed at 60mph !

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Save a few bucks. It is surprising how few tools you really need to service your bike and even the specialty gadgets you need,  lets say for replacing fork seals, are far less expensive than if you had a mechanic do the work.  (My apologies to the mechanics out there.)

The first repair you do may not be the best, it may not even work.  One thing for sure,  you will get better at it and before you know it you will be fixing everything yourself.  It happened to me... and my bike is still running.  I have my "riding buddies" to thank for the encouragement given to me -if not for them I might still be paying big bucks.

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Great links

There are many great resources out there for bikers;  I have listed the ones I know of and they span from the off-road meetup groups to places where you can get great gear or parts for your machine.  OHV's and SVRA's too are in this collection - giving you even more official info on the great riding opportunities there are out there.  Southern California is truly a bikers dream... followed only by Baja... which I hope to dedicate a section to as well at some piint.

Other great sites for riders.

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This site is under continuous construction

I have been riding for years in Southern California, on and off road and wanted to share what I have discovered through riding with my many friends in interesting and often unknown places to the general public.  Putting this site together with imperfect descriptions,  not so great pictures I take with a $20 camera and other tidbits of information takes far more time than I first thought - but I love doing this !!  And instead of waiting until this site is "complete", I have decided to "go live" with what I have so far.

As I get time, and more pictures,  I will continue to assemble this site piece by piece so that riders of all skill levels, and riders new to the area can get a glimpse of what they can expect on a ride.

Feel free to send me feedback - make corrections to what I have written - make suggestions for new areas - we all win in the end.