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The food service sector plays a crucial role in improving the nation’s diet. Most people eat out from time to time – in pubs, cafes or restaurants, or in schools, hospitals and workplaces - sometimes with limited understanding of the nutritional profile of the foods they are eating.

At the same time, food service providers are juggling many other factors besides the health impact of the food they produce – so customers cannot always be sure the meals they are eating are as nutritionally balanced as they could be.

The Healthy Food Company provides full meal solutions or stand-alone items with unrivalled nutritional content. We help caterers and chefs provide healthier and more cost-effective menu choices to suit their different budget levels and requirements, without ever compromising on taste! Our UK-based team delivers healthy pre prepared meals to all kinds of venues, including hospitals, schools, care homes and offices, and we excel in creating delicious meal choices with specific requirements; for example, those with allergies, nutritional deficiencies, gluten intolerances or other conditions like dysphagia.

We supply healthy meals to:

Nurseries Schools

When children eat well, they do well! We supply nutritious, healthy meals to nurseries, schools, and colleges up and down the country to help students develop better eating habits that will help them perform at their very best.

Care of the elderly

Good quality food that is packed full of nutrients makes all the difference to patients in care. You can rely on us to create and deliver tasty meal options that take your residents’ unique dietary requirements into consideration.


Healthy meals are a must for anybody recovering from an illness or operation. We have spent many years designing dishes that not only benefit patients, but also make it easy for health providers to meet current nutrition standards.

Private sector dining

Our meal options are high in flavour but low in salt and sugar, making them the perfect choice for health-conscious restaurants, bars and pubs that want to improve their menus and better meet the nutritional needs of their patrons.

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A mention from our clients

Wendy Sue

Nursery Manager

Consistent, good quality food that all of the children love – even the little ones that do not normally eat. A great company.


Phil Shelley

Past Chair of Hospital Caterers Association (HCA)

Having personally been involved in the presentation, cooking, and serving of meals from The Healthy Food Company within a healthcare setting, I could not have been more impressed. The care and attention in their recipes, quality, and consistency of meals show a sense of care that our patients require. When we serve food, we need to feel proud and confident that the food choice will enhance our patients' recovery – there is no doubt that [the team] have created a range that promotes healthy, balanced, and nutritious food.


Steve Fair


We have been trying to supply hot meals for years now, but either the price was too high, or the food was not good enough. The Healthy Food Company gets the balance completely right!


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