SoCal - Unbelievable Beauty and Adventure

Basically, this site was established as an encouragement to explore Southern California by motorcycle.  Listing a variety of different experiences you can have is only the start.  A successful ride is one in which you have a great memory and are still alive to talk about it -
the vignettes presented for the various routes will attempt to  provide information to make you familiar with the route or area, but more importantly, it will identify risks and suggest appropriate preparation. A crash or breakdown 5 miles from your vehicle when you are in the desert can create special problems that you really need to be considerate of.

Additionally, I have tried to capture amazing scenic sites that are worth stopping for and enjoying. Maybe this is an "old guy" thing - my buddies and I periodically take a break from riding to take in the surroundings, eat and talk about crazy stuff.  Enjoying the natural surroundings,  are part of "riding therapy".

And finally, after riding through this area for awhile, I have wondered how the landscape can change so drastically,  so with a little bit of research I have also added information about the geological history of the riding area.

Cholla (cactus) line many of the trails and are quite scenic... until you take on one in the hand.
Cholla (cactus) line many of the trails and are quite scenic... until you take on one in the hand.
One huge rock on a hilltop - a great landmark to get your bearings in the park.
One huge rock on a hilltop - a great landmark to get your bearings in the park.
That iron horse has been "retired" a few years ago and replaced by a YZ450 and an 350SXF.
My old YZ426 (aka FrankenBike), with more plastic ties holding the plastics together than there was plastic !

My Story .....     that's if you're interested.

Many many years ago I had a revelation, While working 10-12 hours a day and then attempting to also have a family life was incompatible, not to mention how miserable a one-dimensional life like that can become after awhile

I launched a mini-rebellion, bought an '01 YZ426 dirt bike then proceeded to nearly kill myself trying to ride in the desert with no prior experience. There were no mentors, no how-to books... nothing, except a willingness to try and learn. My idea was to pioneer a new off-road lifestyle with a core requirement being to spend time doing something very different in the desert with my family - that was until my daughter ended up in the emergency room.*  And, I have seen, first hand, countless others out there that have made this their destination as well.

Fast forward to several years later:  Now I ride with friends that have the same passion, yet they have grown up riding in the desert, they repair their own bike(s) and love to ride.  What an education I have received from this cadre of riders!  I have learned so much - from routes, to riding technique to desert dangers not to mention the experiences that we have all had "out there" - some so glorious that they are almost beyond description, others that made me question whether I would be getting home anytime soon. This site has been created for the purpose of sharing these experiences with those new to the sport, those that have moved to the San Diego area and those that are just want to know more.

Hopefully you will get a view of what both on-road and off-road riding is truly like in Southern California and join the "gang" of those with a passion to ride.  BTW - I've graduated to owning 3 bikes now - one just isn't enough !

- Brian

*As a side note... my daughter only bruised her "behind":  this only cost (the  insurance company) $12,000 after an ambulance ride to Brawley and 2 MRI's.  I also paid the price in the form of a near stroke I had during the 8 hour ordeal.